Since the inception of IDA, its design works have received critical acclaim, and have been the subject of international and regional publications. In addition to the projects being published in the media, Runddy Ramilo involvement in academic research has been well received through publishing his research works in high impact factor scientific journals.

His research output were published in high impact international journals such as Frontiers of Architectural Research (Elsevier), Journal of Information Technology in Construction, Journal of Engineering and Technology Management, Journal of Engineering and Technology Management and Journal of Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management, and in international academic conferences.

His academic research interests fall within three focused areas: (1) hospitality design for the digital age (2) digital innovation to improve architectural practices and the built environment and (3) sustainable design in the tropics.

Hospitality design that are focused on theorizing the current design trends of branded luxury hotels and resorts through integrating smart and ubiquitous technologies to improve human comfort, experience, wellness and visual perception of hotel spaces.

Digital innovation that is centered at the intersection of the application of computational design and digital innovation management for improving and enhancing the design quality of the built and urban environment through research centered around digital technologies for the design (parametric), documentation, procurement, construction and design management.

Sustainable design in the tropics focused on developing new knowledge, processes and tools for turning spatial concepts and ideas into material and physical prototypes to address the challenges faced in creating buildings that are reactive intelligent and adaptive filters (bio-climatic skins) for regulating light, ventilation and thermal comfort with utmost energy efficiency.